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Your online presence through a website is a powerful tool for disseminating information about your company or project. It provides a sophisticated platform for global connectivity, enabling you to reach audiences far and wide. It can also play a pivotal role in boosting your company's revenue stream by facilitating seamless online bookings and payments.

Our pricing structure operates on a flat rate per project, encompassing all services outlined in our pricing tiers. Payment is divided into two installments: a 50% upfront deposit before project commencement, followed by the final payment upon project completion. Once the project is finalized, access to all deliverables is granted upon receipt of the final payment.

Revisions are managed according to the chosen project plan. Under the Design plan, clients are entitled to one revision, while the Design+ plan allows for two revisions. It's important to understand that revisions may impact the project's delivery timeline due to changes in scope. Additionally, it's crucial to distinguish revisions from modifications: modifications do not alter the scope of work, unlike revisions.

The timeframe for project completion varies depending on the plan you've selected. Under the Design Plan, projects typically span from two weeks to a month on average. Meanwhile, Design+ projects typically range from a month to a month and two weeks for completion.

Companies often have diverse requirements for design services. We recommend our Design Plan for startups and Small Businesses with modest budgets seeking swift, concise solutions. Conversely, our Design+ plan is tailored for established companies aiming to highlight their brand, email collection, payment processing, and more.

Content updates are everything from text revisions and graphic enhancements to image swaps. Depending on your chosen package, you can enjoy between 10 to 20 content updates per month, ensuring your website remains current and engaging for your audience.

Design modifications are alterations to the original design, including but not limited to adjustments in color palette, typography, branding, and block layouts. Depending on your chosen package, you can expect to receive 2 to 4 design modifications per month, guaranteeing your website's continued professional appeal and relevance to your audience.

Your website design will be crafted by our team of professional and experienced designers who are well-versed in various design disciplines. We ensure that the web designer working on your project is the best fit for your needs.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Should you find your website design or service falling short of your expectations, you have the option to cancel the project at any time. However, please note that all files created will remain the property of Surprise Web Design. Refunds for the 50% deposit are not available due to the intricate nature of the services rendered.

Our monthly maintenance fee covers a wide array of essential services for upkeep and site optimization. These services are detailed in our pricing model packages, conveniently accessible on our website. Our philosophy revolves around excelling in managing your online presence, empowering you to focus on core business activities and maximizing your bottom line.

We adhere to industry-standard security protocols to ensure all your data and design information is kept confidential and secure.

When we mention “Blocks per Page,” we're specifically discussing the individual sections within a webpage. These modularized blocks allow us to focus on optimizing each component individually, aligning with contemporary best practices in online presence design.

Registering your site with Google and Bing improves its visibility in online searches, driving more traffic and expanding your audience. It also enables you to track performance and enhance your site using analytics tools.

Supervising Google Analytics involves monitoring website traffic, analyzing user behavior, and optimizing performance based on insights gained. It includes setting up tracking parameters, interpreting data trends, and implementing strategies to improve website effectiveness. Additionally, it involves collaborating with stakeholders to align analytics goals with business objectives.

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